COURSE STONE is a mobile app that provides information about institutes and coaching centres in the vicinity. It is basically an efficient search engine for education institutes. It will help you find the best course that suits your need.

Find your favourite course from the best institute in the country today with Course Stone!

Find the course that perfectly matches your needs

The website offers courses in a variety of fields such as law, media, engineering, architecture, electronics, physics, mathematics, psychology, digital marketing and much more. Whether it is a course for your studies or for your professional learnings, you can find the best institute near you and enrol.

Why Course Stone?

Course Stone is your one-stop destination for getting all the information you need about different courses. It has a directory of schools from where you can explore top colleges and institutes in India. 

You can also read reviews submitted by previous students to get insights about the course and its pros and cons. This makes it easier for people to make an informed decision before investing their time and money in the educational institute they wish to study at.

Find courses from the best institute in your location

Course Stone offers a platform where you can find your favourite course. It is very easy to find the course. Just type the name of the desired course in Course Stone search and mention your location. Course Stone will give you a list of Institutes with that information that offers that particular course in your locality.